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  1. Beijing(Forbidden City)World Equine Veterinary Association Congress...

  2. China World HotelA royal welcome in the heart of Beijing...

  • World Equine Veterinary Association CongressThe 15th World Equine Veterinary Association Congress contains professional training seminars for veterinarians and relevant students, and technical sessions for equine practitioners or stakeholders

  • China Horse Industry Association (CHIA)The history can be traced back to 1976.CHIA is composed of the Secretariat, National Center of Equine Safety and Welfare, CHIA Media Center, Drug Test Center, DNA Profiling Laboratory, and National Stud Farm. In addition, the CHIA also keeps close links with its affiliates such as the Equine Policy Research Center, China Stud Book Committee, China Racing Authority, Local Breeds’ Registration Authority, Breeding Committee of Equine Animals, National Institute of Horse Culture and Arts, National Alliance for Equine Education, National Akhal-Teke Horse Association, China Arabian Horse Association, National Rodeo Committee, National Alliance for Racecourses, etc.

  • WEVAThe World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA) has been promoting equine education since 1985.Its goal is to advance the health and welfare of horses worldwide by promoting and offering quality continuing education for equine practitioners, specifically in countries with limited access to high quality, broad-based professional education.

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